Friday, October 29, 2004

Why Kerry will not Release his Military Records

John Kerry and his campaign have pounded the president for months over his military records. They have accused the President of being AWOL and not completing his service requirements. No matter how much information the President has been able turn up about his service, including signing the SF-180 making his service records public, the press and the Democrats have been merciless.

All during this time John Kerry has campaigned heavily on his war record, sighting his military service repeatedly as an example of his leadership and patriotism. It seems that he proudly references his Vietnam War “Hero” status at every possible turn. The press has been right behind Kerry the whole way, refusing to ask him tough questions and attacking people who have questioned his service. All through this Kerry has refused to release his full military service records by signing the SF-180 form. Why? If the President’s service record is so important why is the service record of a candidate less important? Since he has made his service the center point of the campaign shouldn't the voters be able to see for themselves how well he did his job in the military? Why won’t the media press him on this issue?

I cannot answer these questions with any authority, but the lack of information as led to speculation as to what may be hidden in John Kerry’s service record. There have been some accusations that John Kerry was less than honorably discharged from the military and his status was changed at a later date. There has been speculation that the reason for John Kerry’s request for reinstatement of his service awards in 1985 is evidence of his one-time less than honorable status. There is also speculation that his discharge letter contains evidence that he was not initially a recipient of an honorable discharge from the military. I believe that this is the reason the he has refused to release his military records.

It is time for John Kerry to release his FULL military record. The public has a right to know.


The Mad Tech said...

Maybe the truth will come out after the election when it does not matter. Sadly too little, too late.

Good Post

The Mad Tech

Anonymous said...

If the public had a RIGHT to know they would have found out by now.
There is no RIGHT.
You want to know because you are hopeful there is something there that benefits whomever you support.

Drunken Samurai said...

That's just stupid...but thanks for your comment. Add your name next time and your comment might carry some weight.

CafeRg said...

what?? lay off the booze dude ..Kerry's record has been laid out for all to see, even distorted ..what a shame it is that people like you want to discredit those that have served this country..

even sinclair backed-off

Drunken Samurai said...

It is a FACT that John Kerry has not signed the SF-180. This means that his reacord HAS NOT been laid out for all to see. We ONLY see what John Kerry chooses to let us see. It is believed that there may be as many as 100 pages of his military records that have not been released. All he has to do is sign the form, just as the media and the Democrats insisted that the President do and what he has done. There is nothing crazy about the request. It is not an attempt to discredit him. If his record is as advertised it only reinforces his campaign, refusing leaves people like me with questions. What is John Kerry so affraid to let the American people see?

Anonymous said...

I hope it doesn't come down to Kerry getting elected then us 'finding out too late'. I have full confidence that Bush will win.

Anyway.. I see you're in AZ.. hope you're enjoying this cool down like we are. :)

rachel @

Drunken Samurai said...


Thanks for your comments. I am loving the weather right now!

I am also confident that Bush will win but we shall see.


Vulture 6 said...

Kerry's DD-214 is on his website, but it was not his ORIGINAL one. I posted on it way back. I looked at the form he has up. Block 15 is the REC code. The re-enlistment classification code is the MOST important thing on the entire form. R1 is "we hate to see you go, your a great sailor" and R4 is "dude, you suck". I'm not sure that is the exact language that the military uses or not, but you get the feelign of the codes. When you apply for any government job, if your REC is bad, you do not get hired.
On Kerry's DD-214, that block is blank. If you want to check it out it's at

Vulture 6