Saturday, October 02, 2004

Avondale Bloggers and other things...

I spent a little time this evening checking out blogs from other Avondale residents - it didn't take long. There seems to be about 10 of us and I am the newest member of the club. None of them seems to be very prolific. I should go post some comments later.

I spent slightly more time updating my profile. It turned out the be harder than I thought. The whole issue of favorite items can be a problem as I generally have too many to choose from. I bet I will be changing those sections after each new CD, movie or book.

Current reading, listening and watching list:

I am currently reading The Pentagon's New Map: Warfare and Peace in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas P. M. Barnett. I am about half way through this book and I really like it! I saw him give a breif on warfare in the 21st centry on CSPAN an few weeks ago. After about 10 minutes I was totally hooked. This seems to be a must read for anyone interested in what the US is doing right now and what they should be doing for the forseeable future.

In my CD player is Heathen by David Bowie. This is only the second time I have listened to this one and I must say it is better the second time around. It is very mellow.

As for watching, I don't really have any plans. Maybe I will head to Blockbuster later and see what is out.

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