Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Notes on Neo-cons

This is phrase that gets thrown around a lot in today’s political debates and it is meant to have the same negative connotation as “commie” or “Nazi.” Just to be clear, people who subscribe to this political philosophy do not call themselves “neo-cons,” this is a term that their detractors use. It is meant to be a menacing, scary label.

But what does the average American know about people who are labeled neo-con? You should start by reading The Project for the New American Century Statement of Principle. This document is commonly referred to as the Neocon Manifesto. Gosh, what a terrifying document. It advocates exactly what the world complains we do not do but should do. Somehow when Americans speak of responsibility to the world, kooks all over begin to talk about American Imperialism or Fascism.

Compare the Statement of Principle to the points in the Fascist Manifesto and decide for yourself if “neo-cons” are just Fascists in disguise. Here is a link to the Communist Manifesto if you are really bored.

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