Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I am not even going to attempt to explain this. A friend of mine turned me on to this ‘philosophy’ a few months ago but I have only just started to read about it. On the surface it feels like an updated Marxism. This is the ‘official’ site for Technocracy Inc. Seems to me like most of the articles were written in the 1940s. This is a site information and a community devoted to establishing a Technocracy in North America. There is background information and forums.

Technocracy is to politics/economics what Scientology is to religion.

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Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding Right! Technocracy! You have to love the internet, not only do you have folks like Drunken Samurai adding his two cents, now you have this techno tripe. A bunch of Hooey I say, as Drunken pointed out, a bunch of articles from the 1940's - 1960's, You gotta love this funny stuff Drunken digs up, makes the day more humorous!