Monday, October 11, 2004

Weekend Wrap-up

Another Monday is upon us. I had a pretty good weekend but as usual it was too short. My football picks were just terrible this week – so far I have lost 7! The Cardinals (Arizona not St. Louis) choked, plain and simple. The Chiefs and the Sun Devils were both off this weekend so no losses there.

I finally finished ‘The Pentagon’s New Map’ this weekend. That may be the most important book about what the US is doing and why. Everyone in the civilized world needs to read and understand this book. Once you do you will begin to see elements of this philosophy in the Bush Administrations actions and John Kerry’s speeches. I am not eloquent enough to adequately describe this world view but it just feels right. A must read if you have any interest in current events or the future (who doesn’t?).

Current reading, listening and watching list:

Today I started ‘The Life of Lenin,’ by Louis Fischer. This is an old book that I picked up at a thrift store. It was published in 1964, hopefully the info is not too out of date. We shall see…

As for listening, I am just listening to the radio. I do have a bunch of new CDs on order from Columbia House so this will be changing.

I have not watched a movie since the spotless mind last week. So far I haven’t found any new releases that really interest me.


Anonymous said...

I may be missing something, but Lenin is dead. How could a book about his life go out of date?

Drunken Samurai said...

Excellent point Anonymous Grasshopper. The book was written prior to the fall of the Soviet Union and as such the author did not have full access to Soviet archives on Lenin's life. A great deal of information on Soviet leaders is now available which makes some of these older works somewhat dated. Thanks for your comments!