Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fun in Sedona

 Last Saturday Kathy and I headed up to Sedona for a little Jeep adventure.  I have been wanting to run the trails in Sedona since I got the Jeep.  Firt up was Schnebly Hill Road which is a fairly easy (though rough) drive.  The trail goes North East out of Sedona and ends at I-17.  The majority of the trail takes you through some amazing red rock scenery.  Once we got to I-17 we went North for a while to catch highway 89A back to Sedona.  This road takes you right through Oak Creek Canyon, which was beautiful.

After a lunch break in Sedona (Kathy and I have decided that Sedona has crappy food) we headed out for Van Deren Cabin.  This is about half-way up the Dry Creek trail and was very cool.