Monday, October 18, 2004

Weekend Movies

I managed to get in a few movies this weekend. The first of this weekend’s selections is The Dream by Akira Kurosawa. This is more of a collection of shorts rather than a proper movie. The stories are all dreams, oddly enough, and they all have an environmentalist, anti-modernism or anti-war theme. The film is beautiful and incredibly well made. Although I disagree with the message, the movie is excellent.

The next one on the list was The Mayor of the Sunset Strip by George Hickenlooper. This a documentary film about LA DJ and rock groupie Rodney Bingenhiemer. This guy has had a life that most people can only dream of; it is filled with brushes with fame. He has probably met most all of the important musicians and stars for the last 40 years and was instrumental in the success of several bands, but no one knows who he is. What really surprised me is how miserable this guy is after living an amazing life. If you have an interest in music history this is a must see.

The last movie for the weekend was The Alamo staring Billy Bob Thornton and others. This movie did OK but after seeing it I am surprised that it did not do much better in the theaters. I really liked it. Like all Hollywood history movies I am sure that there are some pretty big holes in the movie but I still enjoyed it.

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