Wednesday, October 13, 2004

There is Always something New on the Web This ACORN group seems to be involved in several voter registration scams. I will see if I can find other stories about the stuff they have been up to.,13918,1326033,00.html If the readers of the Guardian are so concerned about the US election, and if it is so important to life in the UK, why don’t they take the next logical step and become a state? If they did this then they would not need to try and influence a foreign election. I generally don’t like the Arizona Republics columnists but this is a good piece. I really would like to hear the President say something like this tonight. More evidence that Saddam and his cronies are murders on par with any in history. If the cost of a college education is so expensive how come people aren’t knocking each other over to get free money? I guess we should just automatically sign everyone up for financial aid and force them to take it.

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The Mad Tech said...

Good articles one and all, I am very surprised by the article over at AZCentral. Given that the site is an arm of the left leaning Arizona Republic newspaper, that columnist will most likely be fired by day's end for being too close-minded on this issue.