Tuesday, November 30, 2004

America Haters and Spineless Weenies

Now, I have read some pretty amazing America hating stuff lately but this might be the most insulting of the bunch. This guy has the nerve to say that the reason Alexander the Great is doing so poorly in US theaters is because dumb Americans are homophobes. It is interesting that Americans are homophobes but where is the condemnation of the Greeks who won’t even admit Alexander was gay? Please…the movie just plain sucks. We will see how quickly our tolerant and worldly European brothers flock to this turd.

Pat Sajak has made an interesting point about the lack of Hollywood outrage over the murder of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh. I think he is on to something and it is very sad. Basically, condemning terrorists puts Hollywood types too close to President Bush.


Kevin said...

It is interesting that nobody in Hollywood is screaming blood murder. They may be looking for bulletproof vests. I think that most in Hollywood don't want to be labeled anything but anti-Bush, to ensure that someone will see the trash they are putting out.

Just kidding I love the movies, just not the actor's politics. Does that make be better than them, more tolerant?

Oh Well,
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Lindsay said...

With everything going on in our world today is just crazy. (And by "our" I mean Americans.) I mean I remember growing up in the 80s thinking that everything is going to be great when I get older, perfect everything. But then you grow up in a world conceived by some fat, drunk, out of touch politicans and it all goes to hell.

:::stepping off the soapbox now because "Family Guy" is on Cartoon Network now::::

The Mad Tech said...

Better, but you still need to work on the edgy. Just Kidding, great post.

The Mad Tech

Anonymous said...

I don't care what people think of gays, I don't think of them at all. I'm just tired of THAT being the story instead of the STORY being the story...

Big Bro

Jon Langdon said...

True that Alexander sucked... but it doesn't change the fact that americans are homophobes... we just proved it in 10/11 states.

Just a BE visitor saying hi.

--Jon Langdon

SixHertz said...

Just because 11/11 states voted against Gay Marriage doesn't mean the people there are homophobes. There are practical and very valid reasons to voting against Gay Marriage, and they're not related to homophobia. It infuriates me how people believe they're "enlightened" by wanting to allow "revolutionary" ideas like Gay Marriage; yet, they don't think things through.

MaxedOutMama said...

Yeah, I saw that article and started laughing and shaking my head. The author just looked stupid for writing it.

For one thing, how do you explain the popularity of all the TV shows with gays? Obviously the American public only succumbs to homophobia in movie theaters, eh? (It's the dark - we're afraid someone's going to TRY something!) All the reviews of Alexander I've read basically said that it was a bad movie. When the death scene makes people laugh out loud in theaters, you know there's a problem with the film.