Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Stories about Fallujah

I have put off talking about the battle for Fallujah but it just does not seem right to forget that American soldiers are fighting and dying to capture this city. The first story I saw today was this one about 35 US soldiers being captured. The story is from China View and was linked from the Drudge Report. Sounds fishy to me…

Drudge also has a link to this satellite photo of the city. Maybe you should just go to the Drudge report and read what they have, before I link everything from here.

Here is the BBC’s take on the fighting in Fallujah. The Times Online has an excellent map of the battlefield with key points.

As a final note of the Fallujah battle, my buddy The Mad Tech, found this letter from a US Marine in Fallujah. It is such an important letter that I am linking it from here because everyone needs to read this.

On a different note, the French seem to be having some trouble in the Ivory Coast.

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