Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Left Wing Professors and Other Stuff

This is an amazing story about a college professor who had students vandalize SUV’s as an assignment. But of course this cannot be an example of left-wing nut-case professors on college campuses, all Americans believe in vandalism as a legitimate form of protest.

This is an amazing story about a nutty Lawyer. OK, I know that the description is really vague, just read the story.

Here is an interesting story about videos of beheadings being sold at a gas station in Tampa. Very strange…

I really should have something intelligent or clever to say about some of these stories but I don't. I'm speachless...

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Anonymous said...

The actions from the more "progressive" institutions really does not surprise me.

I heard from a friend that CSU Long Beach does not recognize Veterans' Day as a holiday, so school is currently in session there. Instead they have Cesar Chavez day, March 31st, off. While Cesar Chavez is an important figure in American history, I don't see how his contributions were greater than recognizing those of the veterans.