Friday, November 05, 2004

Some People are Filled with Hate…

This article from the Slate is just incredible! To think that some people are paid to write this kind of crap. It just blows my mind. The Democrats are the ones who have, for years, been telling everyone about peace, love and understanding. When will they begin to practice what they preach? When will they call out people who write this type of hate? This scares me more that anything I have ever seen from the Religious Right.

Some of the people who are upset by the election results are just plain stupid. See the Republicans do not have a monopoly on stupidity.

In another example of how stereotyping the nation’s political views is really dumb, read this story from Yahoo about the Democrat Hispanic Lesbian that was elected Sheriff in Dallas County. This is a heavily Republican county that voted strongly for Bush. I wonder why these homophobic, racist, sexist Republicans would allow this to happen? Maybe Republicans can consider the entire person when making a political choice. The only thing that would have made this story better is if she had been a Republican, but then again, nobody’s perfect.


The Mad Tech said...

This is simply your great post and should be required reading for every human being.

Seriously, great post.

The Mad Tech

MaxedOutMama said...

Yeah. It just keeps getting weirder. The awful thing is that I wonder if I'd believe it if I didn't know the truth firsthand, having lived around the country. My family is from all over, and I've got to say small town America is no different from coast to coast, and one religious denomination is pretty much the same as the others.

The question is how committed are you to practicing your religion, or your philosophy? It's like science - the only good science is honest, careful and questioning science, and faith or philosophy or secular ethics systems only work if they are held and practiced in the same way.

I have to say that Jane Smiley sure doesn't write like a person who lives up to a progressive and tolerant worldview. Whatever worldview produces the combination of unkind narrowmindedness and sense of self-righteousness that allows a person to write in this way is not something in which I want to participate. I would also like to say that having lived in the greater NY area, many, really most, people who would identify themselves as Democrats up there are absolutely nothing, nothing like Jane Smiley.

Right now my Southern Baptist and Assembly of God neighbors down here in GA are looking awfully tolerant, good-natured, unbiased and balanced compared to some of the things I'm reading in the press. Thanks for speaking out.