Thursday, October 06, 2005

Out of the Hospital Today!

Emily got the news that they are going to discharge her from the hospital today! Right on time. She really needs a change of scenery.

The last couple of days have held a lot of challenges for Emily. Tuesday she was having trouble with the pain meds and the anti-rejection medication was causing huge emmotional issues. By Wednesday, she was through the worst of that and was able to start walking. The physical theripists made it by and got her on her feet. It was tough but they got her through it. This morning she was climbing stairs!

She will need the PIC line and the pacer leads removed this afternoon and then by about 8pm she should be on her way to the Ronald McDonald House. She has appointments tomorrow and Sunday at UCLA, so she is far from done. She has her next biopsy on Tuesday but she will be sleeping in a real bed.

This is all so amazing!


The Mad Tech said...

That is great news Robert!

Anonymous said...

Let me know if there is anything I can help with RB,

I-Should-Realize-I-Have-Nothing-To-Be-Bitter-About B