Monday, October 24, 2005

Kathy's Brithday

Happy Birthday!

Today is Kathy's birthday. She is spending it at the UCLA Medical Center with Emily. Today Emily is having her first biopsy since being released from the hospital. This consists of being put to sleep and then a 12" needle (or there abouts) is pushed into the heart from the area of the neck...ouch! I am sure glad they put her to sleep for that. Emily HATES needles - of course no one would like that kind of a needle.

In addition to the biopsy there are a few other test to be done. Most of which I know nothing about. The doctor did say that she would get to see her old heart! But, of course, they did not bring the camera. I really wanted to see it. I bet it is huge!

Not much else going on right now. We should have the test results back in a day or two.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kat, I hope it was a wonderful day for you. Im sure being at the hospital all day wasnt fun but did you see the heart too? Hope all is well and cant wait to see you all.