Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Fund Raisers

My friends at Leviathan Games (3131 E. Thuderbird Rd Phx AZ 85032 602-996-6646), who I have not seen in months, held a fund-raiser Flames of War tourny a couple of weeks ago. It sounds as if it was a success. Thanks guys!

This Sunday (Oct 30th) the guys from my local gaming group are holding a Warhammer Ancients Battles tournament fund-raiser. It will be held at Imperial Outpost games with prizes donated by the guys at Gripping Beast (my favorite miniatures).

Over the next few weeks there will be more miniature gaming fund-raising events. These include a Warhammer 40,000 tournament and a Warhammer Fantasy tournament. Prizes for these events have been donated by Games Workshop. There will also be a Flames of War tournament. All these events will be happening at Imperial Outpost, contact them for more info.

I have heard rumors that there are other fund-raising envents that have happened or are being planned. Strangely, I don't hear much from people about this. If you are planning something or have already had an event please let me know.

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