Friday, September 02, 2005

Good News

Emily was placed on the transplant list as of about 5pm PST. She is on some new medication and is stable and was even able to go to the nurses' station to use the internet! I.V.s, monitors, catheters and all! Hi Emily! She also had a chance to talk to a teenage transplant patient and got some first hand info from someone her own age. Kathy said it seemed to help her be more relaxed. Emily is also beginning to have trust in the staff and is opening up and telling them how she is feeling. This has been a really big issue for her in the past so this is very good news.

Kathy got a room at the Ronald McDonald House about 5 miles from the hospital. She got all the stuff there and is finally getting a chance to get organized. I think she will be in much better shape having a real bed to sleep in and having to get back and forth to the hospital. She bought a bus pass and will have to get the schedule in the morning. We talked about the need for her to always have cab fare with her because if the call comes she has to be at the hospital quickly to sign the consent forms. That means that my cell phone mission is critical. Tomorrow morning I will have the phones and I will be driving over tomorrow afternoon. From this moment forward Kathy must be able to be contacted immediately.

I am going to Cali today and will not be home for a few days so no updates over the weekend. I will have some news and more pictures in a few days. Thank you all for your caring and support. Keep praying!


Anonymous said...

Can u send me Emily's e-mail address.

Old Man said...

....and as you know I will do my part at McDonalds.