Monday, September 26, 2005


At 4;45pm PST we got the news that they have found a heart for Emily! I can't tell you how great this feels! Emily is very excited. She will be going into surgery sometime after 10pm PST. Now is time for the hard part. I am heading out to LA right now and will get there about midnight.

At this time of great joy for the Brightwell family I wish to express to the family of the donor my sorrow for their loss. I have such mixed emotions about all of this. I want them to know that their loss and their willingness to donote, have given Emily a chance. It truely is the gift of life. Thank you.

More later!


Anonymous said...

Its about 9:25p eastern time and i just read the fantastic news. As a young unmarried male, i often think of my future family and what life will bring. I can't even imagine the emotions going on inside of you. from across the country I wish your daughter and family the best through this time. Its truly amazing to see your heart through this blog. You all will be in my thoughts throughout the night.


Josh said...

This is excellent news! I am very happy to hear that she is getting a heart. I, as well, have mixed feelings because you are overjoyous about Emily's new heart, and at the same time you have to feel sad (if that is the right word) for the doner and their family. I hope all goes well.


Anonymous said...

I got the call from Charley tonite about our brave Emily. I called all your aunts and uncles. We'll be on pins & needles waiting to hear updates. It's been a long tedious road for you & your little family. I am very proud of you Robert for keeping this journal and sharing it with us. Love you bunches.
Aunt Patty & Uncle Louie

The Mad Tech said...

That's great news Robert. We will all pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.


Kender said...


As a transplant recipient (2nd one actually, both from UCLA) I can assure you that your daughter is in the best of hands.

At this time, (to answer Josh) thoughts of the donor will spring occasionally to mind, and the feeling of gratitude can, at times, be overwhelming.

People who choose to donate organs, especially at times of such grief, are angels, pure and simple.

You may feel a bit sad for the donors families loss, but it is far outweighed by the gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Your friends from Healthsouth got the news tonight that Emily is getting a new heart tonight!! Just wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with Emily and her family through this time!!

Friends from Healthsouth!

GM Roper said...

Just heard from T.D.Miller about your daughter. Please know that my prayers are with you and all your family in this time. May the good Lord guide the surgeon's hands and bring forth healing and grace.

Crim said...

I hope things are going well for Emily - although I do not know her, I am praying for a speedy recovery. Thoughts and prayers for the donor and his/her family. God Speed Emily!

Marsha Gourley

TJ said...

Continued prayers & best wishes!

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT news... when I heard this, I felt like crying. I just want you to know that everyone at school is thinking about her and that we hope all goes well.

Littleton School District said...

Emily and your entire family our in our prayers. Thank God for those generous individuals who in their time of grief were able to to give the ultimate gift of love. Take care and God bless.

Anonymous said...

We are so pleased to hear that Emily will be getting the heart that she deserves! Our prayers continue to be with you through all of this amazing, scary, wonderful time.

Shannon Weber, and family

Anonymous said...

I heard the news Tuesday night that everything was going great! I am so happy for your family! Please give Emily our love and tell her the neighborhood just isn't the same without her! Chambree, Erricka, and Mackenzi miss you alot and so do I! We can't wait to see Emily again!
Kandie Davies

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.