Friday, May 13, 2005

More News of me

Don’t believe the hype! Scientists are not in agreement about climate change. This is a great presentation that refutes the major climate studies that form the basis for the Kyoto Protocol. It is kind of scientific in nature but you get the point. Don’t believe the hype!

I hate to agree with Arizona Democrats but businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens need to have some state sanctions. This is not what is happening in Arizona.

This opine piece from the CATO Institute is right on the money. The Federalist tradition of the Republican Party seems to be dead, and that is a real tragedy. It is time for the Republicans to remember who they are and get back to their core values.

This story just infuriates me! If it is true there needs to be some heads rolling! How can anyone justify not doing there job, especially a job as important as securing our boarders?

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