Friday, May 20, 2005

Just Say “No” to Global Warming Kooks

Stop the global warming hysteria! Everyone needs to read this piece from Fox News and try to understand what is being said - there is NO evidence of any change in the Global Mean Temperature - because no one knows what the actual GMT is. This entire issue is a political move on the part of ‘scientists’ who have a political agenda. Many of the global warmers have a hatred for modern, industrial society and they see this as a means to force fundamental changes in how business is done. It has NOTHING to do with real science and everything to do with politics. Some people believe that scientists have all the answers and I say they are just humans who have the same biases and failings as any other person; the difference is they are supposed to be trained to look at the FACTS.


Ken Grandlund said...

Sometimes I think that the argument for global warning should be framed in the same way that religion is occasionally phrased( just substitute "global warming" for "God"):

If there is global warming caused by humans and I refuse to believe in it, my future is in peril.

If there is not global warming caused by humans and I believe there is, who have I hurt?

Before you give me a bunch of facts and figures regarding the costs of environmentalism and point out that religious beliefs have no costs, I'd like to point out that not all costs are measured in dollars. At least, they shouldn't be.

So to make an effort to combat things that may cause global temperature shifts isn't necessarily a bad thing, even if in the end the result doesn't change earth's temperatures. The processes that "cause" global warming are also causes of other natural destruction.

Drunken Samurai said...


Thanks for stopping by.

I agree that the way global warming is treated is VERY much like a religion. In fact, science in general, seems to be replacing religion especially on the political left. I am NOT a religious person; in fact, I am about as far from it as you can get.

The issue of global warming (whether or not it is real) is not an area that BELIEF should have any impact. I want facts, not belief. If it is real then perhaps something can be done. If it not real then some very smart people are wasting a huge amount of time (no mention of money) and energy that could be focused on real issues.

I must disagree with you on the notion that no harm can come from trying to prevent or correct a problem that does not exist - there are huge implications around the globe for this waste of energy. Real-life public policy is being made based on this issue and it should not be made until the results outweigh the potential harm. I am sure you will agree that public policy should not be based on a lie, or even a big mistake.

My point all along on this issue is that it is being driven by political interests of scientists, politicians, media and who knows who else (insert conspiracy theory here). Contrary to what the media would have people believe there is no great consensus on this issue.


Ken Grandlund said...

Naturally, I can agree with the idea that propigating policy and action based on nothing but falsehood IS a waste of time and money- I guess I was referring to individual efforts instead of public policy.
And I can agree that science should never be based on political positions.
But environmental troubles are not all based on personal politics, at least I hope not.
I'm not religious either, and get just as frustrated at attempts to force religious dogma onto areas of life that have no bearing on religion. Unfortunately, the religious zealots need to force everything through their religious litmus test before they can approve of it. (But this gets off the point.)
The down side is that science itself has been attacked by the religious, and by our own faulty expectations that science can make all bad things good again.