Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Immigration stories

While I have been away the immigration issue has come front and center. Our local newspaper has been closely covering immigration stories. Just today the Arizona Republic had a front page story of an Army reservist that held seven illegal immigrants at gun-point at an AZ rest stop. This is clearly a big deal but they do not have on their web site the story of the illegal immigrant who car-jacked and shot a person in October of last year and then escaped from the county jail yesterday. You can find this story in the print edition on page B4 in a small article. It seems as if our local paper thinks it is more important to talk about injustices of American citizens against illegal aliens than it is to talk about the criminal elements associated with illegal immigration.

In Arizona there is an effort to allow the police to arrest illegal aliens. This will not be popular with police departments but I think it is an important step. Would the police not arrest any other person who commits a federal crime?

Defective equipment guarding the border may be contributing to the large number of border crossers. Not only do we need more agents to patrol the border but these agents need tools that actually work.

Illegal immigration is not a race issue; it is an issue of life or death. People are dying and something has to be done.

Illegal immigration is also a security issue. What is to stop a terrorist from entering the country across the Mexican border and doing what thousands of illegal aliens do every day - take jobs in high security risk areas?

UPDATE: After careful checking of the azcentral site I did find this article about the jail break. It make no mention of the immigration status of the escapee. I still find it strange that a story about a dangerous felon escaping is less important than a story about a person who was trying to help protect his community.


Vulture 6 said...

Houston City Cops can not inquire as to the immagration status of anyone they come into contact with.

It's against policy.

Drunken Samurai said...

I understand that Houston is actually a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. Don't they limit INS activity within the city limits?

Vulture 6 said...

I don't know abou that, but they have set up shelters for "day Laborers" to go to to get coffee and Heat/AC while waiting for the contractors to show up.

The city has a hands off policy, the official line from Mayor Bill White is that imagration is a federal responsibility and no city resources will be used for that purpose.