Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Education and Immigration - two things that piss me off!

This is a good article about the flight of highly qualified people from the teaching profession. I have long believed that the teacher union was one of the biggest problems in public education and this story seems to back that up. It is time that teachers get paid on performance like so many other professions. Another example of how the NEA promotes mediocrity is the lawsuit they are filing in order to get the federal government to spend MORE money on the No Child Left Behind act. They claim that the government has not provided enough money to meet the standards - the government is spending 24 billion on this program. This comes out to about $2000 per student per year (assuming about 12 million students). The NEA wants the government to spend an additional 27 billion. What could the NEA possibly do with $4000 per student per year? This is in addition to the monies that schools are already spending from local taxes. This is just a ploy to make the program so expensive it will be overturned and the teachers will not be forced to teach.

Illegal immigration is now the number one export from Mexico. If you have ever wondered why the Mexican government has refused to stop illegal border crossers now you know - Mexico makes more money from exporting people than oil. Countries have gone to war over economic issues such as this.

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Anonymous said...

I fear our country will be full of very uneducated individuals(even more so than now) when our grandchildren are grown. Taking away the motivation to excel continues to breed mediocrity...