Monday, April 18, 2005

Daily reading to get you through work

The Tax Foundation has the results of an interesting survey about taxes. Enjoy.

It is time to end the asbestos madness! This has to be the most over hyped and abused public health issue ever. Some of the proposed solutions seem to be worse than the out of control litigation problem.

Americans are over medicated, and I believe it! I think it is time to BAN (yes I said ban) advertising of medicines on TV and radio. These ads should be limited to print and only in health related publications.

Europe is in decline, of this there can be no argument. George Will has an interesting perspective on the causes of this decline. The Belmont Club has another take on this same issue. Both articles agree that Europe, as we know it, will be gone in just a couple of generations and I think they both make great points.

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Anonymous said...

Great reading brother REB...
The asbestos thing kills me...