Thursday, March 26, 2009

Save the Mexican Children!

George Will brilliantly dismantles the administration and points out their many failings. Things are going to get very bad and the blame Bush mantra is going to get VERY old.

The 'Blame America First' crowd strikes again. Hmm, guns are illegal in Mexico and now they have a gun problem, drugs are illegal in the US and we have a drug problem. See a trend? The
answer that these kooks will come up with will be to make guns illegal in the US. Perhaps they should legalize drugs...but seriously isn't it time to rethink this entire issue?

I have yet to hear any credible stories that indicates that Americans are significantly involved in any weapons smuggling into Mexico. The one case I have heard of involved a Cave Creek AZ gun dealer that was charged with selling guns to a Mexican gang member who was using bogus documentation. This case has been dropped. It seems like the people who are breaking the laws in the US concerning guns are the same people in Mexico murdering and smuggling drugs and people into the US. Sounds like a mostly Mexican problem to me. Stand by for the cries of 'Save the Mexican Children!'

AIG is totally screwed and the taxpayers will have to pay even more to clean up this mess. How is a company that is too big to fail going to survive when all the experienced managers leave...and they will. After the way these people have been treated who would want to work for them? Not me. This company is done and it should have been allowed to fail a year ago. Keep an eye out for the part about working for a $1 annual salary, turns out this guy's bonus was his pay!

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