Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Rejection

Things for Emily have hit some tough times. She spent last weekend in the hospital to treat a rejection episode. They sent her home Sunday night with plans to monitor her progress with frequent doctor visits and lab work. So far, this week has not been good (it hasn't been a tragedy either) and she has been in to the doctor almost every day. Each day things are different from the day before - sometimes better but mostly not better. To top it all off she has caught the flu and pink eye issue that have been going through our house for the last week.

It looks like the rejection issue is still happening and combined with the other thing she is headed back to the hospital. It is time to really get a handle on this. I am hoping that she can get a room at Phoenix Children's Hospital as all her doctors are there and the staff is well known. i will feel much better once she is in the hospital and they can begin to get this under control. The stress on all of us is unbearable.

Today is Kathy's Birthday...and it looks like we will spend it at the hospital again.

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