Monday, October 29, 2007

Grey Sunday

Sunday was a really tough day for everyone, but particularly Emily. This started OK but soon began to go down hill. Early in the morning they turned off the heavy sedation that she has been on. This allowed her to be more responsive and move a little. She still was not awake but she was aware of certain things going on around her.

By mid morning she began to bleed heavily from the ECMO line in her leg. This very quickly became a critical situation and she did code for several minutes. They were able to get her line reconnected and the blood-flow restored long enough to get her to surgery. The surgery was successful enough to get her back to the critical care unit and allow the blood loss to be manageable.

Family and friends from all over rushed down to be at the hospital. I have to believe that all of this support and all of every one's prayers made a difference in getting Emily through this time. I know that Kathy and I would not have made it without all this support.

The evening and through the night were stable...sort of. Her heart is doing some work and she is still responsive to commands. She even opened her eyes on command for us. Emily is still fighting hard but time is no longer on her side.

More later....

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