Friday, August 26, 2005

Bad News

The news that we were hoping to never hear was delivered today. The doctors have decided that they have exhausted all options for getting her heart to function normally. The pacemaker is working but the heart is not responding properly. They have not been able to find a rhythm medication that works either. Her heart's condition is not getting any better; it is at about 40%. All this means that the transplant option is now the only option (provided nothing changes miraculously).

Sometime early next week Emily will be transferred to either UCLA Medical Center or Loma Linda to begin the transplant evaluation. We won't know any more specific info until Sunday, most likely. We do know that she will be there for 3-4 months before the transplant (all this depends on a donor) and then another 2 months of recovery time.

I am not sure how to take all this but Emily continues to inspire me every day...

More later...maybe even a picture.


Drunken Samurai said...
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Glenn said...

Godamn spammers.

I'm really sorry to hear that Emily didn't respond to the treatment. Becky and I would like you to tell Emily to hang in there.

It still blows me away that this happened so fast.


The Mad Tech said...

Hang in there Robert and know that Emily and your entire family is in my prayers. If I can do anything to help out, and I do mean anything, please let me know.


. said...

Came here through Blogclicker, our prayers for Emily and your family go without saying.

As for spammers, enable the Blogger word verification feature on comments, that might sort out the automated spammers.


. said...

Also, don't allow anonymous commenters.


Anonymous said...

Our prayers go with Emily, you and your family. There is little else I can offer you that is not BS. Hang in there and thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

I've been busy this morning sending nasty notes to spammers. It won't help but it makes me feel better!
Love you guys, will talk to you soon.

Drunken Samurai said...

I deleted the SPAM comments today. Every knows what type of people they are so no need to leave up the adverts.

I also added the word verification to hopefully avoid this in the future.