Thursday, July 21, 2005

What's happening today?

London attacked again! Muslims in Great Britain had better watch out. The British people are not the most tolerant in the world, no matter what the media would like you to think. It is only a matter of time before we see tanks on the streets of Leeds. Expect a few “good kicking’s” as well.

Chinese no longer peg the Yuan to the US Dollar. This may be one of the most important stories in months but no one really understands how important this move is. It is not only good for the US economy but, in the long run, it is a good move for China. It signals a change in attitude on the part of the Chinese government towards normal trade relations with the rest of the world.

It’s hot where I live! What I think is strange about the stories of heat in Phoenix is the fact that the national news is reporting it. It is ALWAYS hot here! This isn’t even the hottest it has ever been. It is not the first time that homeless people have died. Strangely, the impact on the illegal aliens crossing the desert seems to be much lower than one would expect with “record breaking” heat. I think the reason this is getting so much attention is two fold. The first reason is that despite an 8 year drought and “Global Warming” (dunt dunt da!) the last several summers have not been too bad. During that time a few hundred thousand people have moved here who have not been through an above average summer; they are still unprepared and they complain to friends and family back home. This, in turn, inspires the media to look into something they would otherwise ignore. The Second reason this is news is because, in this age of “Global Warming” (dunt dunt da!) hysteria anything to do with hot temperatures is going to get media time. This is the same issue as transients freezing to death in New York City in the winter.

This story just freaks me out! That is one HUGE shark!

China is mad about Pentagon’s report about the Chinese military. Look, the threat from China to any nation in the world is about as big as the US threat to any nation in the world. China is a huge country with a growing economy. They have strong economic interests with many nations around the world. They are dependant on the importation of key goods and they have a huge export system. Unlike booming Japanese and German economies of the past, the Chinese do not have the luxury of having the US government subsidize, or outright pay for, their national defense. They have a right and an obligation to defend themselves and their national interests. This does not mean they desire a military confrontation with the US or anyone else. The reality is that Taiwan will rejoin China and it will be a bloodless re-unification.

The House takes the first step in protecting US citizens from direct UN taxes. This is great news! The UN has been trying for years to put a direct tax system in place with the primary aim of collecting tax revenue directly from the US people, thereby bypassing the US Congress. All American should support and celebrate this move.

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