Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Are you reading?

One good hate crime begets another – I wonder if the Guardian blamed the Tube bombings on Christainophobia? I doubt it. I wonder if they think the terrorists were hate criminals? I doubt it.

Boycott Exxon – I don’t think so. If you thought the move by environmental groups to boycott Exxon was about actually protecting the environment you need to read this. This is a political move not a move to protect nature. These groups want POWER not environmental protection. That is just a ruse to get the dull-witted among us to support their political ambitions. These people hate business and they hate progress. They hate this country and will stop at no lie or distortion to gain power. Some will even stoop to the level of the terrorist.

Here is an example of how science – when properly focused – can solve just about any problem mankind faces. If we could just get the scientists to stop trying to set policies and get them to work on real solutions to real problems, everything would be fine.

If you are in Missouri – get back to work – after you read this article.

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Anonymous said...

Back to work, now that I have played spider solitaire, read your blog, checked out the chiefs and royals, anwsered friends emails, oh....and looked at some porn....
cool post bro...