Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Stupid Tax Ideas

Today there have been a couple of really dumb tax proposals in the news. The first is from Montana. It seems that Montana is angry that big box stores about low wage jobs. They seem to think that people who WORK for Wal-mart are more likely to use welfare that people who HAVE NO JOB. Therefore, the government needs to tax these stores to cover the welfare costs. Insane!

The next piece of taxation genius comes from, were else, California. It seems that they are concerned that people are conserving too much gas by switching to Hybrids and more fuel efficient vehicles. This has lowered the tax revenue for gas taxes. The solution is to tax drivers by the mile! Brilliant!

These politicians never seem to have a problem finding a way to get our money! Too bad they can't kind a way to fix problems without it...

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The Mad Tech said...

Only in America my friend.