Monday, February 28, 2005

...On Schools

Schools today are run by some real idiots. Read the stories below to see what I mean.

Just remember zero tolerance is the same as intolerant and aren’t supposed to be a tolerant society? School administrators must be the stupidest people on the planet…

More evidence… Unfortunately, this makes the police, prosecutors and judges look stupider than the school administrators. Oh, and thanks Grandma.

Schools are communist training grounds that trample on parent’s rights.

Keep an eye on your kid's school or you might find them or yourself hauled into court.


Anonymous said...

Little Brother,
How did we get to the point where we have totally lost control over our rights? Such convoluted thought processes seem to prevail in our government. I'm glad Bryan is in a Christian School and not subjected to the state's ajenda.

Drunken Samurai said...

What has happened in Political Correctness has been elevated to near religious status. Schools are run by people who are PC Nazis and they do some of the most amazing things...

STAG said...

Wow....I don't know where to begin cutting this drivel to bits! Communist threats! Hey Dude, McCarthy is no longer a driving force....and good riddance. Just makes me shake my head that people can get up on their hind legs as if they believed that crud!

Though I have to agree with one thing....that school officials are the stupidest people on the planet! Though it is helpful to consider what constitutes success...a clean portfolio so to speak. What makes a teacher or a principle a good bet for hiring? No lawsuits are a good they won't do anything to cause one.
Oh well, at least teachers have training to deal with most things that come up. How many parents can deal with Down's kids, or Cerebral Palsy, or even ordinary ADD and still work for a living. Its when things are NOT normal when you need the trained teachers the most.

Oh well...I guess I could go along with a statement that parents will do a better job than teachers if parents had a tenth of the training teachers have. My experience seems to prove that parents don't have an owners manual, and every parent muddles through as best as they can. It helps if they work with the teachers instead of against them.

Just my 2 cents worth from a drive by blogger...grin!