Friday, January 07, 2005

This is Truly F*cked-up

If it is wrong for a man to harm a fetus why is OK for a woman to do it? I have a real hard time understanding the laws about harming a fetus.

This article is about people who think that the tsunami disaster has a positive side effect - the restoration of Thailand’s beaches to their “natural” state. It has washed away all of the unsightly development and evidence of human habitation. What these callous bastards fail to realize is it also washed away the people who lived, worked, and raised families in this eye-sore. It shocks me to think that the death of 150,000 people had any positive side-effects. The people who think this is, in anyway, a good thing just hate human beings.


Vulture 6 said...

We all know that it was evil man who wrecked the beaches in the first place, after all they were so bad no one ever wanted to go there, right?

Anonymous said...

If keeping the beaches had been a concern this would have been thought of before they were built up, the same as any other beach area that gets built up. You are right, there is NO good side to the loss of so many lives.