Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Tires On

I installed the new tires last week. I was originally planning to put them on after the lift was installed but that will not likely happen until the end of next month. They was too long to wait to put some miles on the new tires.

Swapping them out alone in the drive way turned out to be a bigger pain than I expected. My plan was to keep the stock tires and run them most of the time and then switch them out before a trip. That is still the plan but it is getting more likely the new tires will just stay on.

Between the new rack and the new tires the jeep is a lot more noisy. As you can imagine the noise is worse with the tops off. It sounds like a billion angry bees.

The Jeep drives great with the new tires and I think it looks amazing. I can't keep Kathy away from it.

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