Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Quick Update

Time for a quick update for those who are interested in such things. I started my ART122 Drawing II clase a couple of weeks ago. It is very different than my Drawing I class even though it is the same instructor. It should be a good challenge and will encourage me to be more creative. I started a new blog dedicated to my drawing. Check it out!

The COLD FROM HELL kicked in just after Christmas and it took the better part of a month to kick it. It also triggered a sinus infaction. This this crap, combined with the weather, has kept me off the bike. I am hoping that things dry out a warm up soon.

Kathy and I spent last weekend repainting the Living Room, the Family Room and part of the hall and kitchen. We added some new bookshelves from my parents and moved around the furniture. It was a tone of work (too much for one weekend actually) but it was worth it. Things are looking good. Just a few days after my last post about needing to do some work on the house the water heater went out. We got that fixed for the low, low price of only $850! Such a deal.

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