Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Hospital Visit

Emily was back in the hospital Monday afternoon. She has continued with the problems from last week and now they are sure that this has been going on much longer. Possible that she is suffering from the same problem that put her in the hospital in December. The good news is that they have finally diagnosed the issue as the CMV virus. This is a nasty little virus that transplant patients seems to be very suseptible to.

She has started the treatment and was able to go home today. The tricky part is that she will need I.V. meds twice a day for 2 weeks at least. If everything goes OK with the I.V. meds then in a couple weeks she can switch to the oral medication. We have a home health care professional coming over this evening to drop-off the meds and give use instructions on how to administer. Emily has a PIC line in again so this will not be to hard to do.

More later...I'm sure

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Vulture 6 said...

Our prayers to her. I know what living with a chronic (no not that one) condition is like. We wish Y'all the best.