Friday, March 04, 2005

...More On Schools

When I was an elementary school student in the 1970s, if I had thrown a temper tantrum at school and hit teachers, would have had my ass whipped at school. When I got home it probably would have happened again. Eight year old kids should not be arrested and hauled off to jail when they cause a diruption at school, they should he taken to the principle's office and beat. If this happened a little more offen then there wouldn't be so many behavior problems in school. Administrators are too lazy or too scared to take control of students. Parents also need to step up and ensure their kids behave.


Greg said...

I couldn't agree with You more. America has lost all of it's common sense. I don't mean the people but the establishment. I was in grade school also in the early 70's and life was so much easier. Should I say less complicated ? Kids actually played on the street and rode bikes and played baseball , hockey , football and all that other crap We did.
I was one of those problem children and nobody told Me to take any meds before I went to school.They used attention and discipline to cure my stupidness. Peace

truth peddler said...

Amen! I went to grade school in the early 80's and I too remember getting beat by the principal. It not only made me stop what I was doing, but it also made me think the next time I planned on acting up. I miss the old days when kids were actually disciplined. I shudder to think what my kid will see if he goes to public school.

Vulture 6 said...

I have to blame the trial lawyers for this too. Most school districts are so afraid of law suits and bad publicity that they are willing to just be a baby sitting service for parents. They only care enough to pass the minimum requirements to keep receiving federal aid. The students that actually do care about learning are trapped and forced to learn at the lowest common level. It’s a system that encourages mediocrity. The fact that kids act up is not the schools fault, but we can’t blame the parents, not the child himself, so the school just calls the police and washes their hands of the whole deal, letting the police have the onus of dealing with the fallout.

STAG said...

Violence when used teaches that violence works. You want kids to be violent, you beat them regularly.
I have lots of those coming into my Dojo, desiring to learn how to beat up other kids. Sometimes I can fix them. Discipline, self esteem, consequences can be taught if you want to take the trouble. You have to convince them that this is all worth while....if you believe that it IS worth while, then you can convey that to the little fellow.
If that doesn't work, well, I suppose I can just kick their nuts into their back pockets.